Best AI-Based Applications Transforming Businesses in 2023


It helps if you have the best tools and important decisions to grow your business and take it to the next level. These tools define your growth and streamline your workflow while giving you the best information when needed. Imagine having an assistant on your phone or PC that gives you deep insights at the touch of a button. Discover some of the best AI applications to improve workflow, boost your business, compete and grow.


Visual representation is a powerful tool that can highlight the best qualities of a product or explain the nuances of a campaign or theory. While sharing your content or ideas and outcomes via video has always been possible, social media has given it a tenfold boost in modern times.

Why did we choose Pitctory as our first AI-based app? It takes text or written content and can create engaging videos with the help of artificial intelligence. This aspect will benefit those new to creating and editing video content.

No matter the size of your business or industry, you can create engaging videos in the cloud without needing a powerful computer.


2. Jasper

Content creation has always been an essential part of any business. Whether you work at a university, run an Amazon store, work for a corporation, or handle their copywriting, you need a tool that supports and simplifies your work. Jasper is the answer to promoting all content projects.

Why did we include it on our list? Mainly because it has become the second-best AI content creation platform with 3,000 positive reviews.

The tool comes with a Chrome extension that allows you to collaborate online with your team and many workflow enhancements. You can use Boss Mode to oversee long-term projects or use business-specific features to enhance collaboration easily. Remember to visit their website to learn about Jasper's other impressive features.

3. Web scraping.AI

If you collect data and extract information from the web to analyze it for use in your work or research, there is no better tool than web scraping or artificial intelligence. The great thing about webscraping.AI is that you don't need extensive or minimal programming knowledge. The website needs to enter the address of the web page and the various elements you want to extract, and you will get accurate and concise results.

It collects data and cleans and filters unnecessary information after the extraction process. You can set or increase the frequency of data fetching daily or weekly. It is your decision.

This tool helps you research anything online and analyze the extracted data to understand various trends, such as e-commerce, social media, and more.


Text-to-speech generation has come a long way and is now used in all areas of digital and physical industries worldwide. Much of what you see online is social media content or short clips where content creators use TTS to give life and sound to the video. But TTS is more than that; it helps you understand language, communicate with people of different nationalities, teach students, and more. offers many customization options in its editor and voiceover studio, with an extensive collection of voices in over 15 languages. You can adjust the pitch and pitch of the generator to make it more realistic and present your media in any language you like or have an audience for. is the choice of many content creators who can choose from 100 artificial intelligence voices, add emoticons to each agent, have a professional editing and dubbing studio, and more.


5. HitPaw Photo Enhancer

With so many photo and video enhancers, you can get lost in so many options. Therefore, we recommend HitPaw as it can upscale your images to 4K without losing image integrity. You can use the automatic mode for the best results or one of the 4 AI modes to enhance your photos further.

Plus, you can enjoy other unique features like noise reduction, ISO boost, low light, and more to breathe new life into your old or fake photos. You can use it with popular applications like Photoshop and get stunning results in less time. Plus, unlike many free and silly tools, you can help your clients colorize and professionally convert black and white or old images.

This tool is essential for those who work with images, and with its help, it can bring new quality-of-life features to image processing.

More Surprising Trends in AI

Most of the applications mentioned here address specific problems in the market. The concept here is to optimize artificial intelligence, using deep machine learning to quickly learn the process and improve the functionality of any application or idea. Here are some noteworthy trends in the industry that will drive many innovations in the coming years.

Use of creative or generative artificial intelligence: Have you ever used predictive text writing while chatting on your phone or writing a document in a word processor? This is where creative or generative AI comes into play. It's also at the heart of ChatGPT, where the artificial intelligence learns from thousands of iterations to give you the best possible results for real-time usage.

AI-Human Collaboration: Leave repetitive and tedious tasks to AI or robots when you want to focus on a specific task or responsibility and think about improving the system. This allows you to improve your features while letting the AI iterate. It is used in automotive, agriculture, healthcare and more.

Democratize: You'll soon be able to drag and drop your niche AI into your tools, augmenting your capabilities. It's like using a Chrome extension to simplify everything you do online.

Final words

These are some trends and applications you can use to improve your business. You can continue to search online and find the best application for you.