Steps to Get the Most from Your Internet Connection


If you're consistently on the verge of exceeding your data cap, or if your connection is too slow to handle the apps you're using, take a close look at your internet plan to see if it's time to upgrade. You might not know it, but you probably have more control over your home internet connection than you think. By trying out some basic tips and tricks, you can significantly improve your internet connection and get the most out of your plan.

Test your internet speed

The speed you pay for is what your ISP advertises, but you may not get it. Your actual internet speed depends on many factors - the type of connection, distance to the nearest exchange and even weather conditions can affect it. If you're paying for a certain speed and getting less, ask your ISP if there's anything you can do. You can also check your internet speed using online tools like or Speed test sites also allow you to compare your results with those of other users in your geographic area.

Troubleshoot your modem

The first step is to make sure your modem is working properly. If you are currently having problems with your Internet connection, your modem may not be working properly. To test the health of the modem, simply turn it off and unplug it for 30 seconds, then plug it back in again. This process, called a power cycle, restarts the modem and refreshes its connection to the ISP's network.

Manage your router location

Certain parts of your home can affect how well your router receives Wi-Fi signals. You should avoid placing it in corners or near other electronic devices, as this may interfere with signal strength. The ideal location for the router is somewhere in the middle of the house, and in an open area with the fewest obstacles. This allows for optimal coverage while ensuring a secure connection.

Try another modem

If you're still experiencing slow download speeds or intermittent connection issues, consider replacing your router with a newer model. The latest upgrade in wireless technology now enables faster data transfer rates over longer distances than previous models. The new routers could provide much-needed support for devices like streaming media players and 4K TVs that require high-speed connections for smooth performance.

Take away

Broadband plans are often touted as having great speeds, but what you actually use each month and how many devices you use at a time can have a big impact on your wallet. If you don't monitor and optimize your usage, you can waste hundreds of dollars a year on data. So instead of upgrading your internet plan, try the tips above to get the most out of your existing internet connection!