Famous festival to attend in Australia.


Australia is rich in cultural diversity and folklore and knows how to enjoy every moment with enthusiasm. Australians are part of the enthusiasts, and as you explore this beautiful country, you'll find the opportunity to take part in a number of activities across the country. From the Tropfest to the AFL Grand, countless festivals in Australia are celebrated throughout the year. This article will walk you through some of Australia's most popular festivals, and where and when you can find them.

famous festivals in australia

New Year's Eve

While the world celebrates the New Year with enthusiasm, nothing beats New Year's Eve in Australia. The whole country is lit up with fireworks, lights and celebrations. People visit beaches and public places with family and friends and enjoy parties. Preparations started 3 months before the new year, making this event even better than last year. This event is highly recommended and worth checking out if you are going to Australia at the end of the year.


If you're looking for extra fun on your Australia trip, Momba Festival is a highly recommended event. The engaging event, which includes a carnival, fun rides, food stalls and fireworks, takes four days to complete during Labour Day Week in Melbourne, Australia. Due to its traditional Australian community style, this event is the go-to place for all visitors.

Australian Tropical Festival

First, celebrated in 1993, nearly 70,000 people attend this special event each year, and thousands watch it live. Sydney's Paramatta Park is home to the festival, which invites industry and celebrities to serve as judges to select the winner from a pool of 16 finalists. Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush were members of the final panel.

Perth International Arts Festival

It is a must-see for tourists in Perth, Australia. Australia has been celebrating the festival since 1953, attracting around half a million spectators each year. The celebration is held for three consecutive weeks, from February to March.

As part of the festival, street art, classical music, dance, theatre performances and family entertainment are held at various venues. If you're in Australia or planning to visit in the future make sure you take PIAF, I bet you won't regret going there.

AFL Finals

Australians have celebrated the event every year since 1896 to keep cricketers fit. This grand festival is one of Australia's most famous sporting events scheduled under the Australian Football League. Eighteen teams from all over the country compete for the Premier League title. The finalists will face each other at the Melbourne Cricket Ground last Saturday in September or October.


As the name suggests, the four-day event has seven stages and is celebrated at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and attracts more than 500 celebrities each year. Beginning in 2017, the World of Music, Art and Dance (WOMADelaide) promotes awareness of environmental diseases and cultural diversity through music.

One of Australia's largest celebrations, the event features many events including opera, contemporary music, dance, musical theatre, Writers' Week and virtual arts. If you're visiting Australia during February or March, don't miss your chance to enjoy the festive brilliance.

Darwin Festival

People in northern Australia started the festival in 1979 to celebrate the city's revival after the devastation caused by Hurricane Tracy in 1974. The festivities began in August and lasted nearly 18 full days and nights. Comedy, cabaret, workshops, concerts, dance music and films are the main aspects of this beautiful event.

A few words from the conclusion

In addition to the diversity of wildlife and landscapes, Australia's celebrations are second to none. Choosing Australia as your travel destination will pay off, as the festival lasts year-round and you don't have to worry about picking a specific day or month to get there. Don't miss any of the aforementioned activities during your pleasant stay in Australia.